What Is The Meaning Of The Term "Absolute Threshold"?


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The lowest level at which an individual can experience a sensation is called the absolute threshold. The point at which a person can detect a difference between something and nothing is that person's absolute threshold for that stimulus. For example the distance at which a driver can note a specific billboard at a highway. After an hour of driving through billboards it is doubtful that any of the billboards will make an impression. As our exposure to the stimulus increases we notice it less. In a field of perception the term adaptation refers specially to getting used to certain sensations.

Sensory adaptation is a problem that concerns many national advertisers. That is why they try to change their advertising campaign regularly. They are concerned that consumers will get to used to their current print advertisements and commercials that they will no longer see the advertisement because it does not sufficiently provide sensory input to be noted. So the company and advertising agencies try to capture the absolute threshold so that the person finds it easy to understand what the advertisement wants him to convey. The advertiser is successful because he is able to convey his message to consumers by using different advertisements. So this is a whole process.

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