What Is Brand Personality?


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Marketers are constantly trying to give their brands personality. A brand with personality becomes a compelling value proposition for the customer. They would like their brand to have certain human characteristics, e.g. a camping boot manufacturer would like his product to be perceived to be rugged, tough, macho and reliable. He will try to communicate this by developing and packaging this product in the appropriate manner. All his marketing efforts will be directed to creating this perception.

History has proven that when perception is created subliminally it works best. The customer does not realize that he is forming an opinion about a product. There are some manufacturers who will use brand ambassadors to create this perception. They are hoping that the image of the brand ambassador will spill over on to the brand. There are many advertising agencies who abhor this practice because then the fortunes of the brand are inextricably linked to the actions of the brand ambassador.

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