What Is Meant By Human Behaviour?


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In my opinion, in the human studies the most difficult element is to understand about the behavior of any human being because there are many variations in the behavior of every human being in accordance to his or her cultural and emotional backgrounds and of course according to his nature. You can not mix nature with behavior because nature can not be changed but you may able to change the behavior of any human being.

If you want to study about human behavior I think study of psychology is one of the best sources to know about it. When you study you come to know that how the behavior changes from positive to negative, what are its circumstances. You will be surprised that you will never be able to find the same behavior, some behaviourists says that observing the behavior is simply the best way or more suitable way to know about the mental processes. On the other hand some say that it is in fact the only way to examine such process.

The modern scientific research shows that the human nature is linked very closely with the human behavior and it has been revealed that to be normal over a long period of time continuous practice is required to change the behavior.

So in my opinion always show positive signs of behavior, as it is the most important factor which describes your whole personality.

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