What Is Meant By Memorandum?


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The noun memorandum comes from the Latin verb memorare, which means "to remember" - in Latin, the exact meaning of memorandum is "thing to be remembered."

In modern English it usually means a note or other simple, usually written means of reminding yourself or someone else of something important. We nearly always use the abbreviation MEMO, but the meaning is the same. Typically a memo for private use will be written on a scrap of paper, a special memo pad or a Post-It note. Memos to colleagues etc are now more usually sent by email.

In law, the full word memorandum is still used and means a note or record (which has legal status) of a transaction. In diplomatic speech a memorandum is also more than just a written reminder, and is more like a summary of a point under discussion.

The correct plural of memorandum is memoranda, although memorandums is now acceptable too.

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