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A memo, also known as a memorandum, is a method for communication. Memos are commonly used for communicating at a place of work. Memos, sent and received in offices, all over the world are used to communicate with the internal audience, that is the employees and so on, and not with the external audience such as suppliers, customers and many more. Its main purpose is to provide assistance to the memory by recording events or observations related to a particular event such as a business meeting. 

A memo can either be written or typed. A memo, whether written or typed, can be transcribed in a variety of formats. Therefore, every institution has its own way of recording memos. However, with the advancement in the technology, use of memos in workplaces has become limited as nowadays emails are used as alternate of memos. On the other hand, some offices still tend to use this form of communication. There is no limit on the length of the memo. It can either be of a half page or can either be several pages long.

The memo starts off in the following manner:

From - this includes the name of the person who has sent the memo

To - this is used to address the person for whom the memo has been written

Date - this part consists of the day, the month and the year in which the memo was sent

Subject - this part informs the addressee about the issue that will be addressed or discussed in the memo.

The last part will discuss or talk about the purpose for which the memo was sent. There is an assortment of reasons for which a memo is sent, which either can be sent to the staff to inform them about a change in the working hours or so on.

The memo could also be used to inform the addressee about the details of an event that will take place in the future.
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A memo (short for memorandum) is a document used as a form of communication in businesses. A memo may be mainly written

The document is set out as follows:

From - this informs the recipient as to who is sending the memo.

To - this is who the memo is written for.

Date - the date of when the memo is sent.

Subject - what the memo is about.

The next part of the memo explains why it was written. This could be for a number of reasons. For example, there may be a memo sent out to staff regarding changes to a company car park or information about any visitors that will be arriving at the company. The end of the memo may contain a date informing the recipient of when an event will take place.

Memorandums are also used as legal documents.
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Memo is a formal letter which is used only internal to the organisation.A memo can be a most common format for short (probably less than 10 pages) which is distributed within the organisation.
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A memo is a written document which is internal or external and is used as a form of communication between departments in an organization or between two or more organizations.
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Memo is a slip which is an evidence of buying anything from any shop

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