What Does The Suffix "Ly" Mean?


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The suffix ly has three purposes.        Firstly, it can show that the verb is being done in that manner. Words which end in ly are adverbs, as they describe (as an adjective does) the subject of the sentence (the verb).    For example...  Something which is done quietly is done in a quiet manner  Something which is done randomly is done in a random manner  Something which is done cautiously is done in a cautious manner, with caution.        Secondly, it may show that something is done regularly, for example hourly, daily, monthly, yearly, and so on, although these words can still be adverbs.        Thirdly and finally, it can show that something is similar to the adjective placed before the ly. Basically, in this context, it is a suffix meaning 'like'. For example, saintly, cowardly.        And now that the applications of the suffix ly have been discussed thoroughly, all that is left to say is that I hope I have answered this question helpfully. Haha! It's just so irresistable! Ahhhh....   
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Ly= suffix  can be used to show a specific time or manner or to characterize ones mannerism, as in fatherly, queenly etc.
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It is used as some sort of adverb.

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