What Does Orientation Mean?


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Orientation means letting the persons whom you are to orienting familiarize the rules and regulation of the company of institution, what to do in the work so that they will know what to do in the company.....
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Orientation means they will tell you all the rules and regulation and they will discuss all to you....about the company example when you will apply for a job  they will orient you
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Purposes of Orientation

Employers have to realize that orientation isn't just a nice gesture put
on by the organization. It serves as an important element of the
recruitment and retention process. Some key purposes are:
  • To Reduce Startup Costs: Proper orientation can help the
    employee get "up to speed" much more quickly, thereby reducing the costs
    associated with learning the job.

  • To Reduce Anxiety: Any employee, when put into a
    new, strange situation, will experience anxiety that can impede his or
    her ability to learn to do the job. Proper orientation helps to reduce
    anxiety that results from entering into an unknown situation, and helps
    provide guidelines for behavior and conduct, so the employee doesn't
    have to experience the stress of guessing.

  • To Reduce Employee Turnover: Employee turnover
    increases as employees feel they are not valued, or are put in positions
    where they can't possibly do their jobs. Orientation shows that the
    organization values the employee, and helps provide the tools necessary
    for succeeding in the job.

  • To Save Time for the Supervisor: Simply put, the
    better the initial orientation, the less likely supervisors and
    co-workers will have to spend time teaching the employee.

  • To Develop Realistic Job Expectations, Positive Attitudes and Job Satisfaction:
    It is important that employees learn as soon as possible what is
    expected of them, and what to expect from others, in addition to
    learning about the values and attitudes of the organization. While
    people can learn from experience, they will make many mistakes that are
    unnecessary and potentially damaging. The main reasons orientation
    programs fail: The program was not planned; the employee was unaware of
    the job requirements; the employee does not feel welcome.

    Employee orientation is important - orientation provides a lot of benefits, and you can use feedback to make your orientations even better.
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The word orientation has several meanings. It refers to different things, such as the mental orientation of a person, the sexual orientation of a person, the Orientation of a rigid body (in this case, the word is spelt with a capital letter O) and the Orientation week (here too, the letter O is capitalised in case of the word orientation), which refers to the first week of the year at several universities in Australia and New Zealand.

The word orientation is also used in the context of the mathematical concepts of orientation, orientability and curve orientation (such as a curve which is positively orientated), coin orientation and metallic orientation are properties of coins, the concept of orientation which refers to visions of structures of local images in computer vision, an episode of the hit television series Lost, a film produced by the Church of Scientology, orientation as a tern used in the context of housing and the physical orientation or the determination of one's location in his or her surroundings.
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Oentation iis something that you have with your teacher or when you meant your teacher
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Which way round something is facing, direction

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