What Does My Name Cecilia Mean?


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In Latin-American, the name Cecilia means- blind.

English Meaning - A feminine form of Cecil, derived from the Roman clan name Caecilius, which is based on the Latin coccus meaning blind. This name was introduced into Britain by one of the daughters of William the Conqueror.
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The name Cecilia pronounced as Sess-seel-yah is of Latin origin and seems to have been derived from a Roman clan name Caecilius; it is the feminine form of the name Cecil and means the blind one. St Cecilie who lived in the second or third century was known as the patron saint of music and was blind.

It was the name of the daughter of William the Conqueror; and also was the name of the mother of Edward IV and Richard III, Kings of England, Cecily of York (1415-1495). According to some sources the name also means the sixth child from Seissylt in Welsh. The different forms of the name are Cecile, Cecily, Celia, Cicely and Sheila.
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It means blind
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Cecil was a common English name. It had masculine gender. It was taken from the Welsh name Seissylt that was framed from the Roman name Sextus. It could also be derived of the Roman name Caecillus that reflected the name of a saint of the third century who was basically a companion of the Saint Cyprian.

Cecil is also called the family name of the Marquess of Salisbury. It is basically the title of the Peerage of the Great Britain. It was created in the year 1789 for the 7th Earl of Salisbury. The people with the title have been the prominent factors in the political life of the British in the last two centuries. The 3rd Marquess had served as the British Prime Minister for three times in the late 19th and 20th centuries.
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Dim sighted

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