What Does The Name Calvin Mean?


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The term Calvin is derived from a Latin word but instead of describing something positive, which usually happens, it conveys a kind of attribute which very few people find complementary; the meaning of Calvin is bald.

You can find a few great names that have Calvin as part of it. John Calvin was a French theologian who earned respect in Switzerland for his reformist ideas. He also led the protestant reformation in the country.

Another great name that had Calvin as one of its parts is Melvin Calvin. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in the year 1961 for his research on the series of chemical reactions occurred during photosynthesis. Even the reactions are now named after him; they are known as the Calvin Cycle.
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sorry, but it actually means "Bald".
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Calvin is a very popular male first name and a very popular surname (source: 1990 U.S. Census). It is of French origin and is mainly used in English speaking countries. Calvin name's meaning is bald. Very popular Calvin name holder are Calvin Klein, Calvin Coolidge and John Calvin(A Church reformer and after whom Calvinism was named). Soma variants of Calvin name are Kelvin and Kalvin, Do Visit Calvin name popularity compared with variant names and Calvin name Popularity Chart. You will also like following Blurtit questions:
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Calvin is a boys name. It could also refer to the religion denomination calvinism started by John Calvin.

Kelvin on the other hand is a measurement of temperature, similar to Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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