What Are Some Alternative Words For Solution?


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There are many alternative words that can be used in place of the noun 'solution', depending on which meaning of the word you are talking about.

Solution can either mean:

- A mixture of two or more substances, which may be solids, liquids or gasses or a mixture of these.

- The answer to a problem.

If it is the chemistry definition that you are looking at, some synonyms of the word include:

  • mixture
  • mix
  • blend
  • compound
  • infusion
  • dissolvent
  • emulsion
  • suspension

All of these words can be used in replacement of the word 'solution' as all have the same or very similar meaning.

If it is alternatives for 'solution' meaning finding the answer to a problem, some replacements include:

  • answer
  • resolution
  • explanation
  • result
  • clarification
  • key
  • solving

When using any synonym in replacement of another word, always make sure that the new word makes sense in the context which you are using it. Although the word may mean the same thing or something similar, the meaning may alter with context.

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