What Words With The Suffix '-ure' Do You Know?


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There are a number of words with the suffix -ure.

These words usually fall into one the following categories:

  • An action
  • A method or process
  • A rank
  • A state of being
It can also be used to turn an adjective into a noun (for example temperate = temperature).

Examples of the suffix -ure

A suffix is a letter (or a group of letters) that modifies a word (or root of a word) by attaching itself to the end of it.

In the case of the suffix -ure, an example would be the root word 'expose' becoming 'exposure'.

Other words that end with -ure include:

Denture- An artificial replacement for teeth.

Picture- An image or representation of an image of something.

Posture- Someone's body shape when standing up.

Procedure- The method in which something is done.

Signature- A mark of someone's identity or name, usually written by hand.

Agriculture- The science and process of growing crops, tending livestock, and cultivating land.

Fixture- An object that is secured or fitted in place.

Adventure- An extraordinary, exciting, or exhilarating experience

Structure- Relating to a building or construction, either the individual parts or the entity as a whole.

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