What Does The Name, 'Debbie' Mean?


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The girl’s name “Debbie” is a shortened form of “Deborah,” which is means “honey bee” in Hebrew!

Despite being Hebrew in origin, “Debbie” is quite a common name in English-speaking countries. It reached the height of its popularity in America in the 1970s.

Famous People Called Debbie
  • Debbie Allen – an American actress who starred in the TV series Fame, as well as the 1980 movie Fame, and the 2009 remake!
  • Debbie Armstrong – a retired World Cup alpine ski racer from Seattle, Washington.
  • Debbie Reynolds – an American actress who starred in How The West Was Won, The Unsinklable Molly Brown, That’s Entertainment and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
  • Debbie Turner – a former child actor, most famous for her role as Marta von Trapp in The Sound of Music.
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The name "Debbie" to me means helpful and caring, as I know a Debbie and she is that exactly.

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