What Does The Name Chester Mean?


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The word chester comes from the old English word ceaster meaning a city or walled town. It was used to describe a walled town that had originally been a Roman Station such as Dorchester. In many instances the meaning seems to have extended to indicating any sort of pre historic fort that was there on the site of the town.

The name also crops up in town and village names as Caster and caster. Castleford in Yorkshire, for example, was originally Casterford as there was a ford to cross the river near a walled town. There was not castle there – the nearest one was 5 miles away at Pontefract.

Other examples are Chichester in Sussex and Rudchcester in Northumberland.

The use of this wording in place names usually suggests an Anglo Saxon settlement that took over from a Roman or pre Roman settlement or fort. Under Norman influence, the names became –cester as in Gloucester and Cirencester and even –eter, as in Wroxeter. Ceaster is one of three types of anglo saxon settlements used in place names, the others being burgh and port.
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The name Chester is of Latin or Old English Origin. The English meaning of the name Chester is 'a camp of soldiers' while in Latin the name refers to a Roman Site or a camp or the name of an English city. It also has 3 variants which are Chess, Cheston and Chet all of which are generally used at nicknames or short names. The name is largely used for males and is made up of two syllables; thus pronounced as Ches- ter. Relatively famous people with the above name are President Chester Arthur; the 21st President of the United States who was in power from 1881 to 1885 and Chet Huntley; the newscaster most famous for his acclaimed show 'The Huntley-Brinkley Report.'
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It is an English nd welsh name

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