What Does My Name Hope Mean?


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Ive heard that hope means trust or pure
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Hope means that a person is hoping for or hoping to
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It means faith...
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Hope is a lovely name, it means faithful and the grace of life. These so called friends are just jealous, don't let them get to you. There is a lovely folk story, that at the beginning of time God gave Pandora a special box and told her to use it wisely or she could bring about the end of the world otherwise, the world was in such disarray that  Pandora decided to open the box and out flew all the bad things that was in the world, sickness, disease, pestilence, war, murder etc. She was a wise maiden and closed the box when only Hope was left inside, and so gave mankind the Hope they needed to rebuild a relationship with God one again.  ^_^.
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The name Hope means Hope
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My name is hope and I just wanted to because people are taking the micky out of me so I hate my life any way.

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