What Is The Difference Between Hope And Dream?


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Hope or optimism means expectation of success in some effort .In face of bad luck, hope or optimism is the expectation of some better result in future.

When we go to do some great or small, our thinking is dominated either by hope of success or by fear of failure. In this way a man lives and works hard, he either hoping or fearing or at times he is experiencing a mixture of both .A man is in confused state of mind when he dose not know whether to hope or fear.

Hope is closely akin to dream.Hope and dream are frequently confused. Hope is the outcome of self-confidence, courage and circumstantial benefits. Where dream is the outcome of sheer fancifulness and is not based on reason.

For instance, a beggar may dream of living in a palace by a stroke of fortune but he cannot even hope to own a tin-shed unless there are reasons for hoping so. Hope insists to activity and to break through all obstacles whereas dreaming through him into inertia and make him a slave of fate. The main difference between hope and dream lies in the fact that when hope ends and despair is setting in man seeks to avoid the facing of stark realities through dreaming. Hence dreaming is indeed fond hoping.
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A hope is something that is controlled by another, a dream is something you control yourself
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I never lose hope because I love to dream! I want to travel! My dream. I was nowhere. Now I want to go to Iceland. I really like the energy of this country. I loved Iceland when I read a lot of information here Northern lights and diving are my goal and my inspiration. Were you in Iceland? I'm interested in hearing your story. I look forward to feedback!

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I've been to Iceland. It was pretty, but cold and everyone there had "fish breath" - you had to stand a few feet away.

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