What Does Purge Mean?


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It means to clean something out completely.
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According to history and political science, to purge is to eliminate measured by the group in power to be "undesirable" from a government, political party, occupation, or from the public or society on a whole, generally via violent means.

The purge has been a political tool all the way through documented history. During the time of Republican Rome, Marius prohibited Sullan supporters after he and Cinna threw out Octavius, Sulla pursued with even more atrocious proscription in opposition to Marian supporters when he came into the autocracy.

The most primitive application of the expression itself was the English Civil War's Pride Purge. In the year 1648, the modest members of the English Long Parliament were purged by the army. Parliament would experience consequent purges under the Commonwealth counting the purge of the whole House of Lords.
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The word purge is used both as a verb and as noun and you can use the word when you are intending to convey the idea of an action in which somebody removes someone or a group from an organization. The action is usually done in a violent way and it is done because the people in power do not like the opinion of those people. The following sentence can make the meaning of the word quite clear as the word is used in the context that can help you in understanding the word: The first act he performed when he took charge of the party is to purge it of the extremists.

Usually you will find that the word is being used in association with 'something' or 'yourself of something'. And when you are using it with 'yourself of something' it conveys the idea of being pure and gets rid of all bad thoughts.

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