What Does Fraud Mean?


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Fraud is deliberate deception. Someone that pretends to be something they aren't or that something is what it isn't especially in order to take your money for something has committed fraud.
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Well fraud means to cheat someone.. Means if you trust someone completely and he cheats you in any matter he is fraud in this case.
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The word fraud comes from the Middle English word "fraude" taken from the Old French and derived from the Latin "fraus". The word fraud means a deliberate form of deception that is practiced to secure some sort of unlawful and unfair gain. It is also a title given to a cheat or an impostor. "Gain Through Misrepresentation" is how John Cooke defines fraud in his Fraud Report. Fraud is considered a crime and violates criminal and civil law. There are several acts that are considered fraud as per criminal law these include bait and switch, false advertising, false billing, identity theft, false insurance claims, investments frauds, bankruptcy fraud, health fraud etc. Statements that are made without a basis of fact where one is implied, promise of future actions where none are intended etc are acts that are considered fraud under civil law.
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Unfortunately, there are so many scammers out there now, and their schemes are often too complex to recognize right away. But there are also many such options when, for example, driver's license fraud, when you lose your wallet with a driver's license, and scammers can use your data for their purposes. Here you can find more information about it. The problem is that you will deal with the consequences.

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Fraud is when someone tries to look like someone they are not and steal people's money without giving them the service that they promised. Fraud is a form of lying. It is a gross violation of someone's trust.

*Just recently on the Dr. Phil show there were some people posing as people who worked with him as part of his staff. They had a phone number that people would call thinking they would get on the Dr. Phil show. The people that called the number paid money and never got on the show because the people lied to them and ran with the money.

*There are others that also pose as adoption agencies promising a baby to excited parents but just end up taking their money and moving on to the next victim.

Be very careful of people who ask for money. Check with people you know who can give you good advice before you spend money on something that you may have never bought before. Especially if there is a lot of money involved.
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Fraud means cheating , one who cheats is also called a cheat.
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Any illegal thing which hurts some people is a fraud,it has many types,,fraud with company ,fraud with person.Fraud is either economically...or with the feeling of some one.
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Fraud is when someone tries to take someone’s thing for his or her own gain and this damage the person really bad.

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