What Does Curvy Mean?


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In the Oxford dictionary, the word curvy has been defined as a line that moves away from the straightness in a smooth fashion. A rounded line or a shape of human body can also define as curvy. The line that represents data on a graph is usually curvy. Ted Kennedy once said, "The politicians are behind the curve", this sentence is based on the trend derived from such a graph. Many people use the word curve as slang, when talking about a perfectly curvy body. Curvy is nice word for slightly overweight women. So, you have nothing to worry about when a guy calls you curvy, it definitely means something good!
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Well I'm 16 and uss teens aree rr using dah word "curving" buhh ourr definitonn is we getting girls/boys for example ." I'm curving dem" that meanns iim qettinq dem or I cuud say " if dey surfin dey curvin " and that means if deyy flyy deyy qettinq qurls/boys .. Also surfinn meanns yuhh swaqq iss phenomenal

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