What Does Theoretical Mean?


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The word theoretical means something which is of or pertaining to theory. It is basically something that is limited to theory, something which does not have a practical application. It refers to something that is highly speculative in nature.

The word theoretical is derived from the Latin word 'theoreticus' , derived from the Greek word 'theoretikos' which is derived form the word 'theoretos' which means 'observable', form the word 'theorein' which means 'to look at'.

Something that is theoretical means something which exists solely in idea and not in actuality. It is something that is mainly concerned with theories instead of their practical applications, this kind of theory is called as empirical theory. Knowledge of specialized theories is called as abstract theory.
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Its an idea postulated on any subject where data is not available in quantities sufficient to absolutely make a statement that the subject is true and factual

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