What Are The Components Of Theoretical Framework?


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A good theoretical framework identifies and labels the important variables in the situation that are relevant to the problem defined. It logically describes the interconnections among these variables. The relationships among the independent variables the dependent variables, and if applicable the moderating and intervening variables are elaborated.

Should there be any moderating variables, it is important to explain how and what specific relationships they would moderate. An explanation of why they operate as moderators should also be offered. If thee are any intervening variables a discussion on how or why they are treated as intervening variables would be necessary. Any relationships among the independent variables themselves or among the dependent variables themselves if any should also be clearly spelled out and adequately explained.

It may be noted that we have used the terms theoretical framework this addresses the issues of why or how we expect certain relationships to exist and the nature and direction of the relationships among the variables of interest. A schematic diagram of the conceptual model described in the theoretical framework will also help the reader to visualize the theorized relationships. There is a different feature which makes the theoretical framework more elaborated. One of them is the variables considered relevant in the study should be clearly identified and labelled in the discussions.

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