What Is The Difference Between SDLC & STLC?


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Sdlc includes requirement ->design ->coding->testing->maintenance
stlc includes system study ->scope/approach/estimation ->test plan design ->test environment ->test case design ->test review ->defect handling -> deliverables
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SDLC means Self Development Life Cycle and STLC is an acronym for Software Testing Life Cycle. Software Development Life Cycle begins when a software is first conceived till it become redundant The steps in SDLC are Initial Concepts, Requirement analysis, Functional plan, Documentation planning, Internal Design, Test planning, Coding, Document preparation, Integration, Testing, Maintenance, Updates, Re-testing and Phase out.

Software Testing Life Cycle has 10 steps which are:
1. System Study
2. Test planning
3. Writing Test case or scripts
4. Reviewing the test case.
5. Executing test case
6. Bug tracking
7. Reporting the defect.

Both Development Life Cycle and Software Test Life Cycle start with SRS (System Requirement Specification).Based on these requirements SDLC Requirement Analysis is used to find which functionalities are executable and which are not. STLC is concerned with preparation of the specifications of the document and using testing tools for scripting and coding.

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