Is The Surname Mckenzie Of Irish Or Scottish Origin?


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McKenzie is Scottish. It is the Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Coinnich. it's patronymic (based on the name of one's father, grandfather, etc) from the personal name Coinneach meaning 'comely'. Source:
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My father and three generations before him were born in ireland but I was always brought up to be a true Scot, we are proud Mckenzies or MacCoinnichs and I'm family on both sides having McUaid, McFarland, McWhir, Quinn, Sharkey. This tells me we are both as seperate countries as one and united in blood as anyone. God bless Ireland and Scotland, For as belonging to both I am the proudest woman on Earth and no other country on Earth could fulfill to me what I get out of living here in Scotland and having Ireland in a days distance, I just must be the luckiest woman alive. Slainte XX
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Mackenzie or McKenzie are both Scottish, other variants though and spellings sso dont stick religiously to the one you have been told. Try and visit their castle near Kyle of Lochalsh, The roads to the Isles, Ross and Cromatry as a county alone will give you an insight to what their land is now. Bearing in mind it once was more heavily populated with Highland Scots before the way of the english and their bribing of the Scots landlords who were so poor at the time. We will survive. Failte Alba

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