Is The Surname O'Lucey An Irish Name?


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Lucey is probably of Gaelic origins although the de Lucy's were an old Norman family in the C14. An Anthony de Lucy was a Justiciar in 1332.
The name Lucy appears in Carlingfors in 1305.

The Gaelic version of O'Lucey is O'Luasaigh which a scholar called Woulfe staed was a corruption of Mac Cluasaigh although this is uncertain.
Other varients of the name are Lucey and Lucid.
In the C19 the name seems to have been more widespread in the County of Munster, particularly County Cork.
Some interesting historic variations on the name are O'Lwosie, Luosy, Lousy. In the early C20 the name seems to have been concentrated around the area of South -West Munster.

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