What Does The Tribe The Crow Mean?


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A tribe of Native American people is known as The Crow. The original name of the tribe was Apsaalooke. The tribe was christened this name by its sister tribe of the Hidatsa. This name has been mistranslated as people of the crow, but this is a lie. The name was actually supposed to mean children or people of the large beaked people. It is believed that the name was meant to refer to a bird which is now extinct.

Today the Crow Nation has around ten thousand members with Crow Agency, Montana as their tribal headquarters. The Crow are distributed in the cities such as Seattle, Chicago, Hardin and Albuquerque. They can also be found in Missoula, Bozeman, Denver, Bismarck, Billings, Lawrence and Spokane. The tribal council's current chairman is Carl Venne and the Crow tribal historian is Joe Medicine a noted writer.
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I heard that it meant apsaalooke I don't really know much about it but thats what I heard so yea umm go with my answer

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