What Does The Name "Spokane" Means?


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Spokane is the name of a city which is located near Washington. It is based near the Idaho border. It is a metropolis and an urban centre. It is the second largest city in Washington and the county seat of Spokane County. It was initially known as Spokan Falls even when it was incorporated as a city. It was named after a Native American tribe named Spokane which meant "children of the sun". This tribe is located in the north-eastern part of Washington State in U.S.    This place is often pronounced as "Spo-cane" when the real pronunciation is "Spo-can". It is situated near the Spokane River and is a very populous place. It has a population of 201,600 inhabitants as per the most recent census in April, 2006. This place has a continental, semi-arid climate and also experiences cold winters and warm summers.

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