What Is The CROW Act?


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The CROW Act is the Countryside and Rights of Way Act which was passed in November 2000. It created a new statutory right of access on foot to various parts of the countryside, namely mountains, areas designated as moors, heaths or registered common land.
The Act covers about 10% of the total land mass in England and Wales so it is far reaching legislation.
In addition the Act requires local Highway Authorities to prepare a Rights of Way Improvement Plan which is then reviewed within 10 years of being published.
The Plan must be formulated as a result of consultation with various Groups and so gives ramblers and hikers substantial rights.
The actual rights of access were phased in from November 2000 until November 2005.
Some landowners opposed the increased rights of way for the public and felt that it was a step too far. Ramblers and hikers generally welcomed the Act, but some felt it had not gone far enough, proving that it is difficult to please everyone and sometimes hard to please anyone !

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