What Does The Name Crawford Mean?


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Crawford is mainly a surname which is believed to be of Scottish, Norman origin. It is thought to imply 'a crossing of blood' or 'ford of the crows'. The derivations come from the Gaelic term "cru", which means bloody , and the term "ford" which refers to a 'pass or crossing'. Alternatively it could come from "crawe" meaning 'crow'. Others are of the opinion that it denotes "a sheltering place for cattle." The first known case is of the name being assumed by the barony in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Some of the alternate Surname spellings of Crawford would inlcude Crofford, Craufurd, Crawfford and Cruford.

Some of the popular personalities sharing the surname Crawford include American supermodel Cindy Crawford; Governor of Georgia, George W. Crawford; and the second Sheriff of Ayrshire in Scotland, Hugh Crawford (c1195-c1265).
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My father (1891-1969) told me that Crawford meant "crow's crossing".  This was told to him by his father.  
D. Crawford
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it means "crow-foot",an english byname (for someone with splayed feet), composed of the old English elements "crawe" crow and "fot" foot.

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