Can You Spell Love In Arabic?


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حب hob
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I love you, words that are spoken a million times per day in a countries all over the world, but what are the ways in which people say it?

In the Arabic language, a man might say to a woman uhib-uki, whereas a woman would say uhib-ukato.

The Dutch conversely do not say 'I love you', when they say 'Ik hou van je', it translates as 'I keep of you' or 'I hold of you'.

In Cantonese, someone might say to either gender, quite pleasantly ngóh oi néih.

Even amongst the geographically close countries of Scandinavia, the differences and similartiesare marked:
The Swedes would say Jar alskar dig, and the Danes say Jar elsker dig, but the Fins say: minä rakastan sinua.

The Russians я тебя люблю (ja tebia liubliu).

Some believe the language of love requires no words at all but
with Valentine's Day approaching, it's nice to hear in any language!

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