Can You Tell Me How To Spell Love In Swedish?


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As a noun, or as a verb?  In English we'd say

I love her (love as a verb)


My love for him has no limits (love as a noun)

But many other languages have separate words for these types of usages.  

In Swedish:
Probably the word you're after is kärlek [c'ä:rle:k].  
Hon besvarade inte hans kärlek --- She did not respond to his love.

But maybe you want to say "I love you", which would be
Jag älskar dig

That uses the verb älskar ['el:skar], which can also mean "be fond of", or just "like".

Also relevant:
Förälskelse = Love affair.

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Can you tell me how to spell (this is just the start) in Swedish, and (but this is the beginning)

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