What Does The Spanish Word Hacienda Mean?


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The word Hacienda is a Spanish word standing for vast ranches that are commonly found in the plains called as Pampa. The huge estates of the Pampa that are devoted to cattle, found in countries like Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil used to be referred to as Estancia. Estancia is another Spanish word that denotes an immobile method of managing livestock, as compared to the nomadic form of capturing cattle that roamed feely in the plains.

The hacienda structure of Argentina, Brazil and New Granada was a arrangement of great land-holdings that symbolised status of a person, and which generated little for exporting purposes beyond the hacienda itself, whose goal was for self-sufficiency and independence in everything except opulence meant for exhibition, which were meant only a certain class of people in the circle of the patron.
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The previous poster is correct about the South American Spanish definition of hacienda. This is also what it meant in European Spanish until the 19th Century. The modern European meaning of hacienda is Inland Revenue (IRS).

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