What Is The Best Way To Greet Someone In Spanish?


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There are several ways to greet someone in Spanish. There are formal ways and there are informal ways of saying hello. You would use the formal greetings when you are speaking with someone you do not know very well or in a formal situation. Some of the formal greetings in Spanish are: Buenos Dias and Buenas Tardes. You would speak in an informal manner when you are speaking with someone that is close to you such as a friend or a family member. You would also use the informal form when speaking to someone younger than you. Some of the informal greetings in Spanish are: Hola, Que pasa?, Que tal?, and Que hay de nuevo?.

So, it all depends on who you are talking to. There are times when you would use the formal greeting such as at a doctor's office or with a teacher; and there are informal situations such as speaking with a friend or family member.

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