What Does Sop Mean?


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SOP means a loaf of bread, toast or any other solid food which is soaked up in some sort of liquid food and then eaten. It also means a bribe. Generally during festivals and in feasts, sops are offered to the guests with wine or any other form of liquid.    SOP also refers a statement of purpose. It is an essay explaining in detail, the purpose for taking a particular course of action taken in the past, present or generally, to be taken in the future. It is generally written by students while applying to colleges or universities in the United States to pursue higher education, i.e. A Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate degree.    The synonyms of sop are soak, drench, dowse, souse, douse, concession, pacifier, bribe, offering and hush money.    Sop has many acronyms such as Standard Operating Guideline, Standard Operating Procedure, Small Outline Package, State of Polarization, Sales and Operations Planning, Seeds of Peace, Source of Power, Streams of Peace, Super Op, Sons of Pitches, Start of Production, Service Object Pair and many more.

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