What Does Sonorous Mean?


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Sonorous is an adjective, which means loud, deep, resonant sounds that have an echoing or even booming effect. In other words, sonorous simply means to produce loud and clear sounds. It is of Latin origin. It also refers to a substance having or creating sound. In communication terms, sonorously speaking means the impressive manner of speech.

Its synonyms are resonant, rich, full, clear, heavy, fruity, booming, deep, mellow, orotund, strong, impressive, reverberant, magniloquent, high-flown and lofty. Its antonyms are thin, skinny, slight, lanky, lean, emaciated and cracked. For example, the word sonorous is used in reference to "a sonorous murmur", "a sonorous voice", "a sonorous speech" and "a sonorous sound". When spoken, the word is stressed on O as "son-O-rous". Its comparative terms are "more sonorous" and superlative term is "most sonorous". Usually, drums or any other musical instruments are referred to having a sonorous quality of sound.

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