What Does Isaac Mean?


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The name Isaac comes from the Hebrew and means "laughing one" or "laughter". It is generally pronounced as eye-zik. Different variations of Isaac include Ikey, Ike, Isaak, Isak, Itzhak, Izaak, Izaac, Izsak, Yitzhak, Zack etc.

Isaac is found in the scriptures of all three the Jews, Christians and Moslems. He was the son of Abraham and Sara. The story in the scriptures goes that Abraham had a vision in which God asked him to sacrifice his son. Abraham agreed and was about to do so when he was prevented by Divine Intervention. Isaac was a willing participant in the ritual of sacrifice but his mother was left uninformed. He was the half-brother of Ishmael. Moses and Jesus are believed by the Jews and Christians respectively to be from his progeny where as Mohammad is believed to be from the progeny of Isaac's half brother by the Moslems.

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