What Does The Name Mungo Mean?


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The name Mungo is basically a Scottish and Gaelic origin. Sources claim that it could mean "most dear". It is also considered to be the nickname for the prehistoric name Kentigern. The name that sounds very similar to this name is Monoach, Munro, Bingo, Dingo, Ingo, Mano, Manzo, Munroe, Monro, Munir and Ringo. Some sources claim that the meaning of this name could also be 'chief prince'.

Saint Mungo is one of the personalities that hold this very name. This name was commonly sued for him instead of Saint Kentigern. Saint Mungo was basically the 6th century apostle who belonged to the Brythonic Kingdom of Strathclyde in modern Scotland. He was also considered as the patron saint as well as the founder of the famous city of Glasgow.

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