How Do You Spell Apposed?


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On the other hand, "apposed" is also a (different, less common) word, and that is its correct spelling in the original question. Apposed means placed together, side by side, or juxtaposed.
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Opposed is spelled with an 'o' at the beginning and with two 'p's.

Opposed can be either a verb or an adjective. The verb is the past tense of "oppose." It means to be against, stand up against, disagree with, etc. For example, Spiderman opposed Green Goblin when Goblin tried to attack the city and kill innocent people in the movie Spiderman.

Another meaning of the verb oppose is in politics: to run against in a democratic election. In the last Presidential election Al Gore opposed George W. Bush. That's why when somebody runs for office without another candidate to run against, they are called "unopposed."

Opposed as an adjective means "acting in opposition," "being opposed."

The noun form of opposed is "opposition." And of course, two things that are opposed are "opposites," as in "Opposites attract." "Opposite Day" is a saying to describe a day when everything is unusual or different.

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