How Do You Spell `geourges`?


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There are two possible words here, so I'll give you both just in case.

The more likely answer is GORGEOUS. When we use that adjective now, we mostly mean very good looking, lovely etc (as in the common expression: "S/he is drop-dead gorgeous.") We also use it about tastes, eg a gorgeous meal.

Until fairly recently, gorgeous had an other meaning, which was rich, or magnificent. So if you described someone's clothes as gorgeous, you didn't just mean that they were nice, but they were very rich and expensive-looking.

The other possible word you might want is GORGES., the plural form of GORGE. As a noun, a gorge is either a very deep, narrow valley or the part of the throat where your food goes down. As a verb , it means to eat too much, eg "He gorges himself on chocolate every night."

You can tell which is the meaning you want.
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Then again, it might be GEORGE'S, something that belongs to George. Or perhaps GEO-URGES?

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