What Does The Last Name 'Butler' Mean?


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Well, the surname "Butler" actually has several different origins, and each of these origins suggest that the name means something different!

"Butler" As An English Name
The English surname "Butler" is an occupational name, which means that it was based on what that person did for a living.

A butler was originally a servant who was in charge of the wine cellar in big houses, but the term gradually came to mean any high-status servant.

So, if you're of English heritage, and your surname is Butler, then it's likely that serving the aristrocracy was the occupation of one of your ancestors!

The word "butler" comes from the French boutilier, which roughly translates as "bottle-man" - this makes sense, when you think of the original definition of "butler"!

"Butler" As A German Name
The name "Butler" was first used in Prussia in the 11th century, and gained popularity there in the two centuries that followed.

"Butler" As An Irish Name
Although the origins of this one aren't clear, "Butler" is the name of an old, noble Irish family.
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'Butler' is an English name, from the word 'butler' meaning a high-ranking servant or, occasionally, an officer in a royal household. The word itself derives from the Norman French word butuiller, based on Latin buticalarius (bottle.) So, in its earliest origins, it means bottle!
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A butler is a man servant, so it probably comes from that. There's also a type of table called a butler, which has special flaps and handles for carrying and serving.

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