What Does Spa Mean?


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Vivaan Edwardd , Disposable Cradle Cover, answered

Either a type of mineral rich bath or pool, a place where you go to be pampered and relax, or... it could be an abbreviation for "single purpose account" 

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John Herald Doe answered
SPA is an abreviation of the Latin phrase: "Sanitus Per Aquam", which means "health thru water".SPA is also known as balneotherapy, meaning all kind of treatments that involve different types of water ("the belief in the curative powers of water": ).The Romans were the first to create these SPA towns and elaborate baths because they believed in the healing power of water.

Besides various health treatments, SPAs are famous for many relaxation techniques.Nowadays, SPA means a body treatment or a cosmetic treatment that is a non-medical procedure to help the health of the body.

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