What Does The Name Cornelius Mean?


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In the New Testament Cornelian is a name attributed to centurion of Italian cohort who was stationed at Caesarea. Traditionally he was considered as the first bishop of Caesarea and among the first Gentile converts.

You can find this name most commonly in use in the ancient Roman history. A member of one of the most notable families that we found in ancient can be attributed with the name Cornelius. There was another person with this very name was a Gaulician historian and it was he whom Catullus dedicated his poetry.

Even in modern times you can attribute the name Cornelius to several famous people. Some of the renowned among them are Cornelius Castoriadis, a Greek philosopher and Cornelius Vanderbilt, an industrialist who belonged to America.
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It comes from the latin word for Horn, for example cornucopia, the horn of plenty.

Cornelius is the male, Cornelia female.

Literally it means the Man of the Horn
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Horny one
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Cornelius is a masculine Roman name. It means 'horn'. It is pronounced as kor-NEEL-yus. It finds much mention in the Bible and is a renowned Latin clan name. It is both a name and a surname.

In the Bible, in the New Testament Book of Acts, Cornelius was a Roman centurion who is the first non-Jew to be converted to Christianity. He is also venerated as a saint by the Catholics.

There are many famous namesakes. One of the Catholic Popes was Pope Cornelius. Peter Cornelius was a well known German composer. There was a Greek astronomer called Cornelius Castoriadis. In the world of Harry potter too, there is a character called Cornelius Fudge.
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Well from my opinion I think that the name has an interesting roman sound and that it also has a meaning...I was thinking because I have a friend that has that name and I wanted to know what it meant you know if it had any syllables or anything else.

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