What Does The Name Grady Mean?


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Grady is a popular name given to boys and is pronounced as Gray-dee. It is an Irish name believed to be of Gaelic origin. In its modern sense it is supposed to mean "renowned". It was originally a surname found in Ireland. As a surname it was derived from the name "O'Gradaigh" which meant "descendant of Gradaigh". In the Gaelic tongue "Gradaigh" has the meaning "noble" or "illustrious". It has a number of variations including Gradon, Gradee, Graden, Gradea, Gradey, Graidy and Graidey.

An ancient aristocratic family found in Limerick goes by the surname of "O'Gradys" There are approximately two thousand one hundred and ten bearers of the O'Grady surname in Ireland compared with three thousand and fifty bearers of the surname Grady. Within Ireland the surname Grady is commonly found in the areas adjacent to Ulster and in north Connacht.
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The name Grady is a name for a male used in the English language and widely used in the Irish language as well. It was borrowed from the Irish surname O Gradaigh, meaning 'descendant of Gradaigh'. In Gaelic terms, the name Gradaigh means 'noble'.

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