Where Does The Name Agatha Come From?


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Agatha is originally Greek. The ancient Greek name Agathe (pronounced ah-ga-THE, with a soft "th") was the feminine form of the adjective "agathos" or good. Perhaps because of its meaning, the Latinised name Agatha used to be popular with Christians. It was also associated with St Agatha, a Christian martyr from Sicily in the 3rd century. According to tradition, she had her breasts cut off; medieval pictures show her holding them on a platter. Nowadays the name is rare in Britain, though it is still well known, perhaps because of the famous detective novelist, Agatha Christie. A common short form of Agatha is Aggie. Aggie is also short for Agnes, another Latinised Greek name meaning pure or holy (from the Greek "hagnos.") Like St Agatha, St Agnes was an early Christian martyr and her name used to be very popular among Christians, especially in Scotland.

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