What Does My Name Keith Mean?


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It means a valiant warrior.
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Keith is an old Scottish name. Originally it was a surname (and sometimes still is, as in Penelope Keith.) It became an aristocratic surname, as there were some wealthy families in Scotland with this name, especially the Earls Marischal from the 15th to the 17th century. In fact there is still a Clan Keith today, headed by the 14th Earl of Kintore, with a family seat in Aberdeenshire.

The original Keiths came from an area in East Lothian in the north of Scotland, and the name may come from an old Celtic word for wood.

From the 19th century onwards Keith has often been given to boys as a first or Christian name, all over Britain and other English-speaking countries. The same has happened with other old Scottish surnames like Bruce and Douglas.
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A warrior
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Keith is a fairly common male first name and a rather obscure surname. It is of Gaelic or Scottish origin. It literally means 'woodland or a forest'. It is pronounced as 'keeth'.

There are two renowned businessmen with the surname Keith. One is the Canadian businessman –Alexander Keith, and the other is the German businessman Max Keith.

There are many other well known people with the name Keith. Brian Keith and David Keith are both American actors. Keith Carradine and Keith Coogan are also American actors. Penelope Keith is a British actress while Keith Chegwin is a British television presenter. Keith Richards is the guitarist of the music band The Rolling Stones. Keith Hernandez is an American baseball player. Keith Urban is a country music singer who is presently married to film actress Nicole Kidman.

There are also two places called Keith. There is a place called Keith in Moray in Scotland and another in South Australia.
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Shannon steven keith

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