What Does The Name Gazelle Mean?


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Gazelle is the name given to the species of graceful, swift antelopes of the genus Gazella. These animals are typically known to inhabit in arid areas like the grasslands and the savanna regions of North Africa, Southwest part of Asia and Persia. The gazelle specifically refers to small fawn colored antelopes, measuring 2 to 3 feet in height. The horns of the gazelle are ringed to the maximum and curve towards the back.
Gazelles, as mentioned above are known for their speed. They can sprint at the speed of 48kms (30miles) per hour on an average. These animals are known for their giant leaps. The largest specie of the gazelle is the addra or the dorcas gazelle, found in the Sahara desert. It is conspicuous by its strong limbs, long neck and white marks over the body. The gazelles love to live in herds and they are usually found eating soft and easily edible leaves and plants.
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The definition is : Woman : Deer : Popularity
to see a gazelle in your dreams means symbolizes the soul it suggests that you should not take life so seriously "lighten up"
it is an Arabic name
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Gazelle is a female name that has unknown origins. It has been referred for the deer. Gazelle is commonly recognized as an antelope from the species of Gazella. They are commonly known as the swift animals that are able to gain very high speeds for the periods that are very long. They are usually found in the grasslands. They cover the areas of savannas of Africa and also in parts of south west Asia. They are habitual to live in herds. They usually eat the food that is less coarse, the plants and leaves that are digestible easily. Usually the taxonomy of the Gazelles is usually considered to be a confused one. One issue that remains unsettled for these Gazelles is the issue of their species.
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Gazelle also means Dorcas

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