What Does The Name Dandy Mean?


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The name Dandy/Dandye/ Dandie comes from Normandy they came to southwest Lancs in the 11th century, records in the Lancashire Record Office shows them living in Ditton Nr liverpool in the 12th century, I have produced several books on the Dandy family.
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The name dandy is a boy's name. It usually sounds like Tandy, Dandie, Dante, Dantay, Tandey and Thandy. Some of the other similar names are Sandy, Danny, Danby and Randy.

Dandy also refers to a man who places meticulous significance upon physical manifestation, advanced language, and the cultivation of leisurely hobbies. This word first appeared in a Scottish edge ballad, around 1780. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica 1911, dandy is the short form to jack-a-dandy. Around the 21st century this word tuned to gain another meaning. It was considered to be a jocular, frequently mocking adjective, which means "fine" or "great." On the other hand, a 'dandy' is a debonair, well-dressed, and self-centered man.

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