What's The Meaning And Origin Of The Name Gaea?


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The name Gaea is another one of my favorite names for girls for several reasons. I like this name basically because it symbolizes the epitome of femininity to me. Gaea is also the name of the womanly personification of mother earth in Greek Mythology. It is a female name. The girl's name Gaea \gaea\ is usuallay pronounced as GAY-ah. The name Gaea is of Greek origin. Lately there have been many spelling variations for the name and lots of people spell it in many different ways, including, Gaya, gaeia Gaia, etc.

The meaning of this name is "the earth". Gaea is a very important figure in the Greek Mythology: she is the womanly personification of the earth; Gaea is mother earth in Greek Mythology. She is also the mother of the Titans. In the 4th century AD there was a Saint called Saint Gaiana (fourth century) who was an Armenian saint.

The name Gaea has 4 other variant forms: Gaia, Gaiea, Gaiana, and Gala.
Some toher Baby names that also sound like the name Gaea are Gae, Gaye, Gay, Gai, Kaia, Gia and Kaya. Gaea is a very rare female first name in the United States and is almost never used as a surname.

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