What Does The Name Dante Mean?


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The name Dante means Everlasting. Its origins are from Latin. The alternative spelling is Donte. A famous individual with the name Dante was Dante Alighieri, an Italian poet. The poet was known for his Divine Comedy, which is also referred to as Dante's Inferno, which was about the circles of Hell.
The name is meant for a boy. Alternative meanings or synonyms are enduring or obstinate. It is pronounced 'don tay'. It is also a form of Durante. Durante is pronounced 'dyoor an tay'. Like Dante it is an Italian boy's name with no other origin. Its meanings are listed as enduring, lasting and steadfast.
Durante has a higher popularity rating at four stars on most baby name sites, proving more of a hit than the two-star rating of Dante. Similar names to Dante include Aiden, Carlo, Darius, DeMonte, Dario, Macario, Eugenio, Marello, Enrico, Denali, Vidal, Luca, Armani, Arianna, Geni, Daniele, Cason, Adam and Marcus. The names of boys and girls listed have similar meanings.
Dante is traditionally used in English and Italian speaking countries. A few other names that are similar for boys and girls include Dominic, Ethan, Gabriel, Damian, Elijah, Damien, Dakota, Aidan, Donovan, Dylan, Gavin, Caleb, Xavier, Noah, Blake, Sebastian, Caden and Alexander.
The popularity of the name seems to have maintained a position of between 250 to 291 in rankings from 2003 to 2010. It seems to be a more popular name of late than in previous years. There is an exception in the year 1995, when the name reached a low of 321, though two years later it rose to 200.
Another famous person with the name Dante is Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Rossetti was an English painter, a Pre-Raphaelite. There does not seem to be anyone else of fame that has held the name despite how popular the name has become in recent years.
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The name Dante is usually a boy's name. Its origin is from Spanish, Italian and Latin, which literally in English means "lasting, enduring" as well as "firm, resolute."

The variants of this name are Dantae, Dantay, Dantel, Daunte, Dontae, Dontay and Donte. Some of the other similar names are Deante and Duante. It is also considered to be the shortened form of the name Durante.

Some sources claim that this name comes in honor of St. Danto, martyred in the 4th century. The day is 11th February.

In terms of history it refers to the well known Dante Alighieri, who is one of the great poets of all time, and has also written the well known poem "The Divine Comedy".
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My name is dante' and I have been told that it means heavin,hell,brave,strong,caring and long life
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It means "Long living or having a long life".
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Dante, my middle name, it means "Love" in italian and also means slow in music in italian, I only know italian meanings because I am part italian!

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