What Does The Name Dustin Mean?


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The word 'Dustin' can trace its origin in old German where the meaning it conveys is that of a brave warrior. The word is used as a male given name and surname as well.
There are several prominent figures in the present and past who have the word Dustin as their first names and also as surnames.

One of the prominent persons who are responsible for the popularity of the name is the actor Dustin Lee Hoffman. He is the two time Oscar winning actor and has achieved several milestones in his career. He himself was said to be named after another actor with the name Dustin Lancy Farnum. The later was considered as one of the greatest artists of silent era and has given stage performance also.
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Dustin is a popular name given to both boys and girls. The name is believed to be derived from either the Old English or the Old German. The name Dustin is supposed to mean either dusty area or a brave warrior. It is also interpreted as "valiant fighter". The name has seen a revival due to the name of the actor Dustin Hoffman. The word has several variations including Dusten, Dusty, Dustan, Dustan and Dustyn. Even though Dustin is a masculine name it is also used to name girls.

Dustin Hoffman is a very famous American actor who played the lead role in movies like "the Graduate", "Marathon Man", "All the President's Men" etc. He is a very versatile actor and has appeared in over sixty movies.
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Dustin is a name which befits both the boy and the girl. The word has an old Norse origin, meaning "a brave warrior." A name which rhymes with the name Dustin but has no similarity in terms of the origin is Justin. The word Dustin is pronounced as "DUS-tin."

The name Dustin has five variants like Dustan, Duston, Dusty,Dusten and Dustyn. One of the most popular figures bearing the name is Dustin Hoffman, the reputed Hollywood actor. The name is used contemporarily a lot as a first name,, thanks to the actor who has made "Dustin" a memorable name. Dustin Hoffman is known to have several hit movies to his credit like The Graduate, All the President's men, Kramer vs Kramer, Rain Man and Wag the dog.
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