What Does Psychological Means?


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Psychological means 'of or pertaining to' psychology of an individual as the relationship between his/her internal or external stimuli and the reactions induced as a result. It involves a study of their psyche, how their mental processes work and the drives or motives that regulate human behavior. Psychology stands for the study of those motivations and processes rooted in our psyche that are responsible for human behavior in regards to various stimuli, environments and situations and psychological refers to that field of study.
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The term psychological is an adjective meaning of or pertaining to psychology. It could also mean of, arising from or pertaining to the mind or emotions. It could be used to mean influencing or even intended to influence either the mind or emotions. It may also be used to mean of or being any of specific primary colours the mixture of which could subjectively be perceived as producing other colours.

It could be used as a synonym for the term mental. The adverb form of the term psychological is the word psychologically.

Psychology on the other hand is the science dealing with both mental processes and behaviour. It could refer to the emotional as well as behavioural characteristics of an activity, individual or group. It could be used to mean subtle tactical action or argument which is used to influence or manipulate another

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