What Does Psychological Climate Mean?


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The term psychological climate refers to the prevailing psychological atmosphere along with all that it encompasses such as mindset, behaviours and core values.

This area of study has gained importance especially in social psychology as well as industrial and organisational psychology. The organizational climate may be gauged in terms of factors such as morale, trust, conflict, leader credibility, equity in rewards, scapegoating and resistance to change. Psychological climate is also a key factor in team and player motivation. This field is related to social psychology and is intimately linked to the term social climate.

In organisational psychology the term psychological climate is usually used to refer to work environment perceptions. Social psychology on the other hand refers to the study of the way in which attitudes, personality, behaviour and motivations of an individual both influence and in turn are influenced by social groups.
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Look at it this way:

Climate = weather
Psychological climate = home/school/work environment
All these are looked at to determine how, in the context of the above named environments an individual reacts a particular way.

The person does not have to reflect any abnormal or a-normal behaviour in fact the assessment of the psychological climate is usually studied for a group of persons when some sociological trend is trying to be determined.

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